When trying to find… the meaning

“So what is the author saying with the colour of the door?” Well, it’s red, the end!

I never understood this fascination of teachers with “the meaning” of the smallest things. Half of them seemed extremely farfetched to me, if not even utterly ridiculous. It’s a adventure novel, not a poem or some heavy prose!
Sometimes I wonder: if I ever get any works published, what kind of weird meanings teachers would find and learn their students. Stuff like this might be utterly nonsense to think about, getting published is a challenge on its own but finding your way into the classrooms or even bookclubs is an even bigger feat, and yet a lot of writers do so. Mostly because it’s entertaining and a tad distracting when you write. It gets your mind and imagination racing and makes you laugh, which is especially helpful when you’re writing a boring part or when you feel like you’re getting stuck.

So I’m currently writing the start of a thriller and I can’t help what people might see in the beginning that might become a recurring thing. Something with meaning. Half of the story will have meaning, if it’s up to me, mostly because it is inspired on real events. But does that immediately give it meaning? Not necessarily. For me it’s a part of a process, which is why I write and why I enjoy writing. But a red door might just be red simply because I saw a cool building with a red door.

Knowing myself, that might exactly be the case.

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