When trying to find… motivation

So as I’m writing this blog, I have not worked on my book for almost another month, and it’s starting to hurt as well as that I feel guilty. I feel guilty for not putting in the work I promised myself I would put into it, and I feel guilty for the book because I love that damn thing and yet I neglect it so badly. However, I might have found a glimmer of new motivation recently.

Tomi Adeyemi, that’s the name of my motivation. This amazing writer wrote a book I recently reviewed for this website and a bit before that for my Instagram, and it’s a new series of which I’m dying to read the sequel. But this is not the particular motivation: Adeyemi is a young writer who uses Instagram to show off her enthusiasm about her writing, her project, her upcoming book, and her fans. And that energy, that is exploding off my tiny phone screen (yes, the first time I listened to one of her stories with the sound on I dropped that specific phone because of the loud music… So the thing almost literally exploded). It is an intoxicating feeling, to see this enthusiasm about writing, this energy flowing into a great story, this spirit trapped in the pages that she produces. It is something that motivates me to try to copy, to try to conquer for myself. She finished the first book, and she’s putting her heart and soul into the next one. Why can’t I give that to my work again?

Thank you Tomi Adeyemi, for showing me how writing can be thrilling again.

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