When trying to find… a different approach

So I’m going to try something different with this column, mostly because I am utterly unhappy with it. Writing about writing is harder than I thought, and that says something because I talk about the concept and about my process with a lot of people who are also involved in some form of writing. However, I have run into a bit of a writers block when it comes to actually typing about my work and what I’m currently doing. So I’m going to try a different approach and really take you with me through my process.

So lately I’ve been struggling with the next version of my book. It’s the sixth one, the fifth version being the one I send to a publisher where it got rejected. It’s not that I don’t know what to change: I know exactly what needs to be changed or altered. I know extra scenes that will make my book better and that will make it more fun to read. The problem is that I cannot find the rest or the energy to sit down and start typing again. While that is in fact the only thing I would like to do, to put more effort into it and to make it better.

So why can’t I find the energy to open the file, to grab my manuscript and a pen and get going? It beats me, I really can’t think of the reason but fact is that I spend most Saturday’s sitting on the couch and bingewatching while I know that the weekends are the only moments I could be able to get some serious writing done. And yet here I am, typing this piece instead of focussing on what I care about most when it comes to my work. Here I am, reconsidering this column and how to make it better instead of thinking of funny things that my main characters could do together. Why? It beats me…

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