When trying to find… The perfect playlist

So last month I mentioned that I was having problems with focus, and that I only managed to get some focus to finish my blog by having the perfect music playing. The concept of “the perfect playlist” might be overrated, but to me it’s worth gold from time to time. Music can really help me get into the right mood, and can also destroy that quite easily. You try writing a chase-scene, or a fight while Frank Sinatra is playing… I dare you, it’s really tough… However, when HIM is playing there is no problem for me.

So what is the perfect playlist for me while taking a whole day to write? That’s a difficult question… I’m currently writing a children’s book, but next to that I started with the first notes for a coming-of-age novel which requires me to really dive into raw emotions. The perfect music for that would be a mix of rock, some light metal, old school jazz, and preferably some early Michael Jackson. Top that off with two more upbeat numbers, that are most likely from the late ’90’s (no, I will not disclose which songs…) and all I need is a unlimited amount of tea to get some serious character development done. That’s how I get through long days of NaNoWriMo, or through deadlines on my own website.

The concept of the perfect playlist does not only work for me. I’ve spoken with many writers who spend days on getting that perfect mix just to get some serious work done. After all, sitting behind a laptop can be extremely distracting and yet give you very little inspiration. The magpie that lives on the roof across my own house can be very distracting when I need to get some work done, but with the right tunes in my head I can at least try to ignore him. If only he would stop doing so much interesting stuff…

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