Trix’ Travels

During one faithful afternoon in the midst of January, Trix had enough. Her owner once again went on vacation, to a sunny and warm place even, and left her in the rainy country of the Netherlands. It was cold outside, and not joyous anymore during the first month of the new year. People put away the twinkling lights and decorations she once knocked off the trees and window sills. Now it was just winter, waiting till spring and new flowers and colours arrived.

Trix didn’t mind January and winter normally, but now the human she shared her apartment was away and she… decided it was time to go travel on her own a bit. See the world. And so Trix found a new human, a crazy blond haired woman who was to take here to these places. Around the world they went, on a trip of a life time.


Trix’ Travels was created with full cooperation of Trix the cat. She has been perfectly safe and lazy during the entire process.

Trix in London Trix in Paris
Trix in Rome Trix in Istanbul
Trix in Caïro
Trix in Cape Town
Trix in Namibia Trix in the Sahara
Trix in Portugal Trix in Canada
Trix in New York Trix in San Francisco
Trix in Mexico Trix in Nicaragua
Trix in the Bahamas Trix in the Amazon
Trix in Patagonia Trix in Russia
Trix in China Trix in Japan
Trix in Vietnam Trix in Australia
Trix in New Zealand Trix in Sweden
Trix in Denmark Trix is home
Trix’ Travels: the making off
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