Trix in Paris

Trix’ Travels was created with full cooperation of Trix the cat. She has been perfectly safe and lazy during the entire process that will now be posted every other Saturday. This weeks stop: Paris.

naamloosSo French was not a person, but a language. Who knew? I think that is a honest misunderstanding. The French have less nice food than the English. There is this thing that they call ‘frog bottoms’, who would want to eat a frog? I know that I have some crazy family members that think hunting down frogs and presenting them to the humans is acceptable but I find this horrible. Presents should consist of a decent mouse, or a nice bird, but never a frog.

Besides the lack of a nice meal, France is quite beautiful and the weather is a lot better than in England. I do like sitting in the sun and enjoying a coffee somewhere. Like on the top of this huge scratching post called the Eiffel Tower. Getting on top was a nice work-out, but I’m glad that there was an elevator. Imagine walking all the way up… The view was great though. Sitting there, wind in my fur, just staring over Paris. City of Love some call it, I just got hugs from the crazy blond person but she’s cool. As long as she keeps petting me and feeds me, of course. I think I’ll keep her around.

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