Trix in Canada

Trix’ Travels was created with full cooperation of Trix the cat. She has been perfectly safe and lazy during the entire process that will now be posted every other Saturday. This weeks stop: Canada.

It took us a while this time. A boat is a funny thing, and there was enough nice fish to eat, but it is not a very quick way to travel.

I needed some time to get used to the ship. Walking om something that moves into all directions took a bit of time, but the sailors were really nice. They gave me a lot of freshly caught fish, and showed me the best places to take naps. When you take a nap, you can’t be seasick so that was really nice of them.
And then we arrived in this huge country, all snowy and cold. Canada, it is called the blond says. I think she is about to die, she seems to be only partly build for this weather. I love it though! We have been travelling through the snow for a couple of days now, with dogs doing all the work (which I of course do enjoy). Apparently humans have used dogs to pull sleds here for quite some time, which is interesting. In Egypt, people treated cats like deities and here they use dogs as pack animals. It seems to be the right order of things, to me at least.
While we ride, we are nicely packed in comfortable blankets and looking over this magnificent landscape that is just endlessly covered with this beautiful white blanket of soft snow.

But I’m the one with the nice, fluffy coat. The blond human I’m traveling with has been rather silent for the last couple of hours on the dogsled, but she’s looking around so maybe she’s just soaking in the beauty of this country.
I do like Canada, the myths about birds and fish. We sometimes hear them from our guides, sitting around the campfire. We have seen some animals, but not much. It doesn’t matter though, the nature here is truly magnificent and even more humbling than in Africa. Or maybe it’s just different. The heat made me agitated, but this cold makes me alert and it seems that in the crispy air everything just looks different. The human agrees with me, I think, and because we finally seem to be on the same page for once I help her out as well. Her feet get so cold that her toes turn purple and she can’t sleep, so now I curl up against her feet for an hour or so while we read and write about our daily adventures. And afterwards, she gives me a nice brush (which, after a day with wind and dogs, is very needed).

I do love Canada, it is an easy going country with nice people and this really cozy vibe. That might be the campfires and marshmallows talking, but I do like travelling by sled and sleeping in tents with the crazy one sleeping next to me to keep each other warm. It is really nice. Can we just stay here?

Making dogs do the work. Trix the cat must love this. Background: Traveling Canucks

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