Trix in Caïro

Trix’ Travels was created with full cooperation of Trix the cat. She has been perfectly safe and lazy during the entire process that will now be posted every other Saturday. This weeks stop: Caïro.

naamloosI love this country! It gets me. It is sunny, good food, lots of places to snooze in the sun, and it adores cats. I am never leaving Egypt! Ever! I mean it crazy blond human, you cannot make me leave no matter how much you bribe me with fish. Apparently people have adored cats here almost as long as mankind builds houses and cozy spaces for cats to sleep on. I assume these were wise people, although they had some funny looking headdresses which is weird. Why would you have something stuck in your fur for fun? I don’t understand it, but than again I rarely understand the weird two legged creatures. They want to be cats so badly, they even made stone cats with their own faces on it, which just looks incredibly weird.

Wherever I go, there are cats to greet. Some are decently combed, like the royal creatures we are, and some are scruffy. I’m not used to these scruffy ones, they are more direct and extremely rude. But they rule the streets, the roofs, and the markets. They are true emperors of their own domains, it something I need to re-learn as it seems. Because the crazy blond seems to be barely able to control, which is of course unacceptable. I’m in the land of cat-kings, and yet she still does not obey me! I should be ashamed of myself.

Although she has listened to me about eating lunch at the open squares, where she can enjoy a cup of tea and I can have a good conversation with my own kind. The cats here tell fascinating tales of the past. I love the stories about Bastet, although I am not so sure I’m really fond of the idea of her being the goddess of war. It sounds like a lot of work to be a god of war… But she was also associated with the sun and I can imagine why. I love lying in the sun, thinking of the adventures of this tremendously incredible woman. Which means that by now, it is noon, it is time for another well deserved (hé, I am royalty after all) nap.

Human heads on cat bodies is just wrong…. Background:

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