The smell of winter

The biting sensation makes your lungs cramp up for a second, pinches your nose, makes your eyes water. Specks of white snow drift towards you, their fanciful patterns like a ballet guided by the wind. Absolute silence caused by this fluffy white blanket setting the mood of this wintery ballet.

Surrounded by nothing but silence and whiteness, the cold numbing your fingers and skin ,winter has arrived. Empty streets, cozy lights. A scent lingers in the air. The scent of burned wood, of warmth, a sleepy scent that envelops you as a warm blanket. The fireplaces have woken up, spread the scent of pine and dried resin amongst the houses and the people. The white snow changes colour, darkens a bit to a glimmering red. A car passes, tries to replace the fireplaces with the stench of gasoline, the smell of soaked cardboard and salt to keep the streets safe for driving. You keep walking, shoulders high, head tucked into your scarf. Wool, almost scentless except for the human odour it catches. Your own scent, reassuring and comforting. A slight trail of washing powder, a desperate attempt of flowers, of a spring-like sensation that tickles your nose. Not enough to fill it, but just plenty to remind you for half a second. People get out of the car, pass you, a door opens. A mix of scent hits your numbed nose, brings it back to life. Old carpet, perfume, a wisp of cinnamon, of apples, a short shimmer of comfort and warmth. A smile breaks through, while the snow colours again, to a warm light brown. The colour of the crust of warm apple pie. Your energy returns, you’re almost home. You can smell it. The warmth of your own house, the comfortable scents that remind you of comfort and of relaxation. Smells of washing powder, of food on the stove, of your favourite blanket while sitting on the couch. Nothing smells like home, even when you smell sweaty socks in the laundry-basket. A smile, a glimmer of cosiness, before you put down your bag and unload the groceries. It’s time to make some applesauce, make the house smell like apples and cinnamon. Smell like smiles and hugs. Create some smells that get you through the cold of the winter, by making you warm from the inside.




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