Reborn from Sky and Land

The burning sun was too much, its rays beating the earth without mercy, not the slightest breeze bringing the smallest bit of comfort to the people down on earth. Standing under the earth, technically speaking. Marisol had always prided herself a little because of her coloured skin protecting her from the blasting sunrays, where her colleagues in the field just slowly roasted. However, today even her natural affection of the warmth wasn’t enough. As she looked up from the trench she was in Marisol wiped the sweat from her forehead. She couldn’t believe how blue the sky was. Had it been this radiating when they got in the trenches, digging for the remains of ancient Romans? She couldn’t remember, all Marisol could think off was the heat that seemed to sink into her skin. Into her mind. Again she wiped her forehead, but she didn’t feel any sweat. It made her frown. How could she feel so overheated and not sweat?
“Hey Sol, you okay?” Marisol looked up to Sarah, grinning as she gave her friend a thumbs up. It was a second before her eyes rolled and she felt her knees give in. The sun still blasting overheat, the last thing Marisol fully registered was that incredibly bright blue sky.


She had always wanted to dive and ever since she got her license there was nothing that could keep Naia away from the ocean for more than a couple of days. Or in this case, a couple of nights. The night dive had been planned for so long but had been postponed almost as much times now. The sea was too rough, too cold, the lighting sucked, or she dove too deep and long during the day to be allowed under again. Maybe it was the peace and quiet around her or that her partner was only able to communicate with very basic gestures that made diving so attractive to her. Under water there was no fuzz or social obligations. There were deadlines, of course, being set up by the amount of oxygen her tank still carried and the amount of nitrogen that built up in her body. But those were easy limitations, clear rules she couldn’t forget if she wanted to live. It was all so easy down here, so peaceful, and so clear.
Naia had been examining a curious octopus for a while when she suddenly realised how well she could see the creature. It was a full moon, she had noticed that when she put on her gear earlier, but to have so much natural light under water was uncommon. She could see all the spots on the creatures skin, shifting as he was trying to make up his mind whether she was a threat or just a menace. Naia frowned as she looked up. The moon was beaming, the rays of light penetrating the water showing her the entire underwater world and it seemed as if the light just got more intense by each passing second. Was she absolutely sure that her partner wasn’t getting closer with the lamp? But the blinding light did seem to come from above her, as the last thing Naia registered was the incredibly blue sea around her.


Reborn from Sky and Land is the origin story of two new superheroes, written by Linda Leestemaker and published solely on this website. As the story is continually published, a new chapter will appear here ever other week as to introduce the heroes Saga and Soarin’. I hope you enjoy them, and their adventures as to discover themselves.


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