• Q&A (Slumdog Millionaire) *****

    Vikar Swarup
    Literature, coming of age, heartwarming

    Former tiffinboy Ram Mohammad Thomas has just got twelve questions correct on a TV quiz-show to win a cool one billion rupees. But he is brutally slung in prison on suspicion of cheating. Because how can a kid from the slums know who Shakespeare was, unless he is pulling a fast one. In the order of the questions on the show

  • The Great Railway Bazaar *****

    Paul Theroux
    Non-fiction, travel, auto-biography

    Paul Theroux recounts his early adventures on an unusual grand continental tour. Asia’s fabled trains are the stars of a journey that takes him on a loop eastbound from London’s Victoria Station to Tokyo Central, then back from Japan on the Trans-Siberian.

  • Kingdom of the Golden Dragon ****

    Isabel Allende
    Childrens literature, suspence, adventure

    Alexander Cold and his best friend, Nadia, the heroes of Allende’s City Of the Beasts, are reunited in a new adventure. This time, Alexander’s fearless grandmother and International Geographic are taking them to another remote niche of the world — a forbidden kingdom tucked into the frosty peaks of the Himalayas. Their task: to locate its fabled Golden Dragon, a sacred statue and priceless oracle, before it is destroyed by the greed of an outsider.

  • Are you experienced? *****

    William Sutcliffe
    Fiction, comedy, coming of age, travel

    Liz travels to India because she wants to find herself. Dave travels to India because he wants to get Liz into bed.

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