Mythical creatures and adventure in a thrilling YA trilogy

Combine anthropology with adventure, throw in some mythical creatures, let the result be written in the mesmerising stile of Isabel Allende, and you get a magnificent trilogy that awakens a whole range of child-like emotions of wonder and amazement.

There was nothing better when I grew up than the new instalment of a book series I loved coming out. I tore through Harry Potter, Eragon, Lord of the Rings, and many others and after that I felt a little lost. No series sparked that childhood enjoyment or sucked me in so badly as those books had done when I was younger. And then I found City of the Beasts and learned that it had two sequels!

The stories about the adventures of two young people open a sense of wonderment and curiosity. Classic whodunnit’s, there is much to discover, and all stories have a classic antagonist-protagonist division. The main characters have many hero-like-traits, which is easily overlooked because they are young. They haven’t had time to develop bad traits yet and live is an adventure to them.

While Allende does not keep the clue of the story a mystery for long, she stills leaves a lot of room for your own imagination as she also builds a strong familiar relationship between the main characters and the most important side persona’s. Because of this you mostly connect with the people and cannot help but wonder how they develop themselves. And because of that it was a blast to learn that there were two more instalments waiting out there for me!

Unfortunately, every series has one darkness looming in the distance, waiting to strike. Repetition is a dangerous thing, that can break apart every good series and kill the joy of reading the sequels as it just feels like you’re reading the same thing over and over. This also seems to happen the slightest bit in Kingdom of the Golden Dragon and Forest of the Pygmys. It’s not bad, but it makes reading the books shortly after each other a bit of a drag.

Isabel Allende. City of the Beasts > Kingdom of the Golden Dragon > Forest of the Pygmys / HarperCollins 

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