The mystical land of Tomorrow

Welcome to the mystical land of Tomorrom, where 90% of productivity goes to, as well as those socks that disappear in the washing machine. A place where unicorns graze in large herds, dragons roam the sky, and the roar of the mighty Nemean lions sounds across the plains. The mystical land of Tomorrow is a magical, and spectacular place where all kinds of wonders have withstood the test of time, and while they have gone extinct in other place these marvellous things and creatures still roam free here.

So what does Tomorrow have to offer the weary traveller that has reached it after a long journey? Let’s start with a warning, as entrance to this country is only allowed if you have acquired the proper visa two weeks before your departure. This visa has some difficult requirements that one has to live up to. First of all, you need to apply at least six months in advance. If you try to enter with a visa that is newer then that, don’t even bother showing up at the border. Other requirements are: a driver’s license, a tricycle, and a cowboy hat. People with the blood types A+ and AB+ are excluded from visa applications in advance. There is to be no discussion about this.
Trying to bribe an officer of the embassy of Tomorrow is a crime punishable by 3.14 years in prison, which will grant you access to the country but not in the way that you were planning to. A criminal record in any form will bar you from access, anyway.

Once access is granted, the mystical land of Tomorrow has fun for all kinds of travellers and people of all ages. The capital, El Dorado, is famous for its art scene and museums. The people here are generous towards visitors and it won’t take long for you to make new friends that are perfectly comfortable with sharing a meal with you or join you for drinks. As Tomorrow does not get much visitors, and the people are prosperous crime is almost non-existent, and if a crime is committed the perpetrator will be punished with extended times of helping the elderly, the needy, or – in case of serious crime related to violence – extended prison sentences. El Dorado holds the only court and prison in the country. Of course El Dorado is not the only city in this small, and relatively hidden country. The university city Shangri-La holds the biggest library of the country and is home to Migibi Bõti, the most famous restaurant in the country where they serve a prizewinning omelette made from Tyrannosaurus Rex eggs. Reservations are required, and will have to be made at least four months beforehand. Another enjoyable city is the famous harbour city Mu. It’s the biggest harbour of Tomorrow and is famous for the surfing contests as well as the possibility to see and swim with the hippocampi that have become accustomed to human activity near the coast. These peaceful creatures have been living in this area for over 3000 years, as cave paintings of them have been found in the nearby area. Research upon these ancient people of the mystical Tomorrow is currently ongoing, with the first papers to be published worldwide planned for the year 2345.

Not far beyond the boundaries of El Dorado lie the mountains of Achievement, of which the highest point is known to the locals as Ang Kalampusan. These mountains will prove a fun challenge for even the most skilled climber. Although not as high as the famous Mt. Everest, this mountain range is known for its challenging climbs and trails. The peeks reach far into the zone of eternal snow, and this entire region is part of a protected nature reserve in which griffins build their nests. The mountains wind down all the way to the coast, several kilometres south from Mu. From here on it is possible to follow the range on the bottom of the ocean towards the famous crater known as Atlantis. This ancient site is several thousand years old, but off limits to tourists as long as archaeological excavations are ongoing. Mu has an information centre featuring the latest finds from this underwater excavation for everyone who is interested. However, if you are an archaeology student interested in an internship you will be very disappointed. Until this point, the mystical land of Tomorrow has not allowed visa holders to work in the country.

When visiting Tomorrow, we highly recommend you visit the springs in the rural Iona. These springs are known to replenish the body as well as the spirit and will have you feeling refreshed as well as strengthened to take on any task that lies ahead. It is what Tomorrow gave its reputation of being the place where 90% of productivity goes to. To make the effect of the springs last, it is wise to spend your last day here after which you take a lovely scenic flight back to El Dorado. These flights are chartered by Air Fire, and involve tame and gentle dragons. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Finish your day with a local beverage known as Fajra Akvo and join us in our late afternoon ritual of trying to spot the Nemean Lion roam the valleys between El Dorado and Shangri-La. The mystical land of Tomorrow welcomes you, and hopes you get to enjoy a stay here at least once in your life.

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