Linda Leestemaker

Linda Leestemaker (1992) finished a bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2013, and a master’s degree in Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology and Museum Studies in 2016. She focused on experimental archaeological methods using GIS-based computer systems to research the question whether visibility played a role during the building of Samnitic sanctuaries in the second century BC.

During her studies and earlier work, Linda focused on the use of social media for PR uses as well as web-building, besides working as an extra’s coordinator on several filmsets including Celblok H and Prey. She currently works as a freelance text writer, researcher, and media consultant.



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Anke Manschot
14/10/2015 at 08:13

Dag Linda

O, wat fijn dat je die passage wilt aanpassen en dat je mijn boek aanraadt aan klanten.

Heel veel dank hiervoor

Met vriendelijke groet

Anke Manschot

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