Multilineair stories

What does attract ‘the gamer’? Is it the graphics? Is it the characters? Is it the storyline?
I’m the kind of gamer that does not mind about the graphics all that much, I’m going for a good story and getting sucked into that. It’s what gets my attention, especially when some history is involved. Not that it’s a secret that I’m a history-geek, I studied archaeology.

With my interests in writing and in archaeology in mind, I tried my hand at Twine not too long ago, loving the simplicity and the possibilities in creating multi linear storylines and plots. With this system, it was possible to create the depth of history in a game, into the concept of archeogaming. But more can be done as well, and so it was only a matter of time before I would be sucked into the concept of multi linear stories, and here we are:
On this page, you can see the results and I invite you all to not only try them, but really dive into these old-school-RPG games.

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