The end of the 19th century

The last person to be born before 1900 has passed away, meaning there are no more eyewitnesses to the 19th century. A century banished to the history books.

The 19th century may sound to some  as a time long passed, and therefore irrelevant. However, we might owe a bit more credit and appreciation to these years that have now been banished to books and stories.
The 19th century in 10 unusual, but (sometimes) important moments:

  1. During the 19th century, the first camera was build, used, and photography was discovered. Without this time, Instagram would never have seen the light of day!
  2. The 19th century was not really a peaceful time. This was the era of Shaka, of revolutions throughout Europe, of the American Civil War and the Crimean War, and the era in which Napoleon became emperor, tried to conquer entire Europe, failed and then he died in 1821.
  3. Aah… Books… What would we do without them? And what would we do without the 19th century? Pride and Prejudice, The Three Musketeers, Sherlock Holmes, FrankensteinDraculaMoby Dick, Lewis Carrol, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, the Brontë sisters. I’ll just rest my case.
  4. The 19th century brought one book bookstores don’t particular like: the first ‘self-help‘ book. The 19th century had many people focus on being a ‘self made man’.
  5. The 19th century is the century in which slavery is finally ended. One after another, countries free their slaves and abolish the act of ‘owning’ other human beings.
  6. The Victorian Era lasted from 1837 till 1901. An important time not only for politics, but also for the genders. It was in this century that some rather idiotic ideas about female behaviour were developed,  such as the idea of women being delicate flowers that should behave in some strange ‘angel-like way’. Unfortunately, some of these utterly ridiculous concepts still exist in the 21st century…
  7. The 19th century gave us one of the most well-known scientists in the world: Charles Darwin. This was also the century in which the first remains of a Neanderthal were found, helping with Darwin’s theorie.
  8. Founded in 800 by Charlemagne, who once ruled the entire western half of Europe, the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved in 1806.
  9. The Industrial Revolution, the start of modernization, might reach its end but some things have not yet modernized in the 19th century: the Spanish Inquisition was reestablished and started burning non-catholics on the stake again until 1834.
  10. Jack the Ripper roams the streets of London… Although DNA-evidence seemed to finally identify the elusive murderer in 2014, the results have been proven to still be inconclusive.

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