Dear hipster, yes I’m talking to you

First day of the month: Dear Hipster Day!

I’ll be honest, I have thought about this blog for a long time, not knowing whether or not I should start it. Whether or not I am supposed to write any of this. This blog is based on personal observations, personal thoughts, and personal conversations I had with other people on this topic. This topic does NOT INVOLVE ALL HIPSTERS. There are differences, I know this. Every day (or at least every week) I observe and compare the many differences between the types of hipsters – and connect them from time to time to the hippies of the ’60’s -. This blog was inspired as well; by some Netflix-shows, the occasional television show, and by a brilliant article called “Hipsters killed my gaydar“. I did decide though that this is going to be a separate page on my website as I have the feeling this topic might bite me in the ass in one way or another and my normal activities should not be bothered by the many, many question I have to ask several hipsters in my direct surroundings. So we’ll see how this will end.


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