The giraffe of Limpopo

On one early and freezing cold morning our guide led us into the nature of the Limpopo region in South Africa. For weeks we had seen the most incredible animals and we were all curious about what we could see by travelling […]


I realised I was happy. Sitting in the shade of a weathered pine tree I was happy. It wasn’t the prospect of underwater adventure, or the lovely food we just ate. It wasn’t even the blue sky and even blue’er sea that […]

All elements, one city

As the cold gets a hold on the city, and my fingers in particular, there is the realisation that whatever I write now will be incomprehensible. I might as well write in hieroglyphs. Still, the Swedish cold doesn’t bother me. It gets […]

Loneliness, an old friend

Sitting on the shore, the sound of wind and waves as only companion, a sense of loneliness overcomes me. The docks are empty, the gate on the other side wie open but the road leading nowhere. Not even the ghosts dare to […]

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