The archaeologist playing with lego


“Yeah, so my 24 year old daughter is playing with Lego’s.” My mom makes it sound so… childish. So let me rephrase it in a better way: “My daughter who is an archaeologist is rebuilding the site where she was last summer with Lego’s.” That sounds so much better actually. “And after she is done with that, she is building a tiny museum to see what a proper setting would be for possible exhibitions.”


Some archaeological sites require modelling to have a proper look at them. Modelling is a job that requires an eye for detail, whether it is done with supplies to do model building, by computer, or (in my case) with Lego’s. Building models is quite essential to archaeology, as it could help theories whether or not some buildings could have been built in certain proportions, or to calculate the size of a site. However, when modelling archaeological sites purely for fun, Lego has proved to be a very helpful source of equipment. The tiny plastic blocks have actually proved so succesful that the largest historical model built with Lego, a complete reproduction of the city of Pompeii, is currently on display in a museum. And that is only one of the many reproductions, as there are also complete models of the Colosseum, the Acropolis, and even part of Hadrian’s Wall. The results look amazing, and actually quite lifelike. A bit like a an impressionistic painting in 3D.

So as you can see, it is not that weird for a young archaeologist to play with Lego and it is actually very entertaining. Creating, breaking down, creating again, considering endless possibilities in a way that many museums cannot. With Lego you can truly ‘just try it out’, without spending millions of euros. So why not see what the possibilities of a museum could be by just moving pieces, tearing down walls, and starting all over again the next day? Walk around the mummies, tapestries, and other neat little trinkets that are even smaller than usual as they are in fact very fake, very plastic, and very Danish. Lego doesn’t state their age limit is 99+ for nothing.



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