The archaeologist meets hikers (in Castelpetroso)


Carla and Julia, those are their names. They look so lost, arriving in the little town where the archaeologists have landed. Hikers, traveling through Molise for a project that wants to bring people to unknown places. Italians by birth, they want to share this unknown region of their own country by walking 400 kilometres through it! Every day, they post pictures and stories on Facebook sharing their experience with people around the world. Because Molise is unknown, it is rough terrain and there are not that many big cities in this province of Italy. The lack of financial resources is not a problem. In only a couple of days, they attracted so much attention of the local Molisians that they are now invited in all kinds of places to eat, sleep or even party. “We got invited to a local wedding, where we celebrated with the families of the bride and groom”, tells Julia. Here, in Castelpetroso, they get to share a meal and room with young archaeologists. It might be a slight scare for them when our alarms ring at 5 o’clock in the morning, as we wake up early to get to work. “Aah, we might use that. Then we will walk when it is a bit cooler outside.” Living as the local hosts do, it seems. Hopefully, their travels go a lot smoother than our search for the Samnites…

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