My name is Linda Leestemaker, writer, researcher and conceptual thinker. During life up to this point, I’ve finished a bachelor’s degree in Journalism after which I’ve finished a master’s degree in Classical and Mediterrenean archaeology where I focused on experimental digital archaeology.

This connection between the digital and the written world is where I’ve focused on in my my professional career. As the world is a small place full of the immense possibilities of travel and the online world, I feel the need to combine them to the point where information and wonder are available to all where ever we might be located. And as such, I like to share with the world writings, thoughts and all possible.

As an avid reader, you will find writings in both English and Dutch (my native language). The title of any story or blog is a give away of which language you will encounter. Are you looking to collaborate, or are you looking for a freelance writer? I am always interested in sharing ideas and brainstorming, so please feel free to contact me.


Work in Progress: The Run Away

Finished work: Mindblown

Recently published work: Oma’s Boeuf Bourguignon, koken voor Mendels en De Gaulle

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