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Yes, We should all be feminists!

“Feminist”, it might be one of the most hated and loved words in the modern language. And yet, Adichie explains very clearly why the word and movement are still of the utmost importance.

I’ve never thought of myself as a feminist. Not because I’m not one, I have been for many years, but mostly because I never realised completely what a feminist was exactly. To this day it’s still unclear to me, as it doesn’t make sense that not everyone would fight for equality. However, reading We should all be feminists cleared up a lot of things and therefore it should be mandatory for everyone no matter the gender.

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The cellist of Sarajevo plays the song of the human soul

War always destroys more than one can imagine from a distance. All buildings, stuff, personal belongings can be replaced, but a human soul cannot. The cellist of Sarajevo shows the struggle to keep a hold on your own humanity.

Let me start with this right away: The cellist of Sarajevo is not the most gripping tale about war and destruction. It isn’t a tearjerker, it isn’t heroic, and it isn’t victorious. It is just a tale like that of every other person. And because of that it is relatable, and in this modern day and age with the ongoing wars and conflicts the struggle to survive of the average person has become something that causes discussions and more conflict. As people hear the stories of refugees and survivors, often scarred by what they’ve seen and experienced, it raises the question: And what about when the war is over? That is what The cellist of Sarajevo is really about, about who you will be after the violence and threaths end.


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‘Time’? That’s that concept with a clock, right?

Time, we never have enough of it. Or so it seems. The concept with the clock, the clock that you build your day around. But what is ‘time’, and mostly: is it the same for all of us?

I read this really interesting book not too long ago, the title would translate to: Who (doesn’t) travel is crazy, where the author discussed the notion of time. About how Western societies see time as a solid thing, something you’re bound to live by, where other cultures see time as a fluid factor in the world. I had some first hand experience with this while I lived in South Africa. I quickly learned that if a South African said he/she was going to do something now, that did not necessarily mean that it was getting done now.

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