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Consider the fork, or stick with the knife

Food is an important factor in human existence. We need it to live, it’s as simple as that, and the remains of food and kitchens can tell us a great deal about the people in the past. And that’s what Consider the Fork goes into.

Everything on this earth eats, and so humans have done it ever since they existed as well. And their eating habits teaches us a lot about humans of past times, as archaeologists often find the remains of meals in the discarded trash that remains for many more centuries than many people would guess. Consider the Fork tries to explain the history of human interaction with food in a comprehensible way by comparing historic tools with modern ones, and placing the historic ones into our modern kitchen. And to be really honest, it all sounds delicious!

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Leah on the Offbeat is actually very on the beat

Known as the second installment in the critically acclaimed “Simon-verse” of Becky Albertalli, Leah on the Offbeat can easily be read as a standalone. A standalone that focuses on the stigma of female bisexuality, and the struggles that come with coming out and femininity.

Coming out is personal, the same way identity and sexuality is. Even with a completely accepting environment around you it can still be scary and confusing. Leah on the Offbeat captures that internal struggle perfectly, while combining it with the normal dose of teen angst.  The fact that it is easily relatable to women in the lgbt+ community is what makes this book so great, why it is staying on my bookshelves, and it only becomes better as it can easily be read without reading its predecessor.

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The world can be an Adventure in Wonderland

Absurdity is the real of children, according to some. But Lewis Carroll has shown different as Alice Adventure’s in Wonderland remains a classic and part of the “to be read in a lifetime” lists.

I never read Alice Adventure’s in Wonderland as a child, and I didn’t particularly like the Disney adaptation of the book either. That had nothing to do with the tale but mostly with the main character. Alice was a bit of a snobbish brat in my eyes, with her perfect girly outfit. I was the kind of child that liked Aladdin because he was a thief, and who tried to wield a sword the same way Mulan did. However, as I am an aspiring children’s book writer I decided that it was about time I read this classic children’s tale. And while reading, I ate every single word I had ever stated about it.

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