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A call from the universe

“Hey, it’s me. I was wondering how my order is coming through.”

  • “I’m glad you called. I was meaning to get back to you on that, we discovered that we can’t fix the problem just yet

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Tini & Josepha – de proloog

Elk jaar heb ik een project voor de boeg staan, en zo ook 2018. Dit project begon op de dag dat ik zag dat de biografie van Josepha Mendels werd uitgegeven, door uitgeverij Coetzee. Josepha Mendels is een naam die in mijn familie goed bekend is, van de verhalen van mijn oma die de vrouw gedurende 3 maanden elke dag van de week tegen is gekomen: toen zij au pair was. Dit is niet Josepha’s verhaal, dat is vaak genoeg verteld, maar dat van Tini van Dulst.

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The last dragon

The summer heat clung to me, sticking to my skin, lingering in my hair. The smell of dry dirt, stirred up by the wheels of an occasional passing car, hung in the air. The streets were almost empty, the scent of hot asphalt made me a bit nauseous as I walked through the streets. A walk home that I wasn’t enjoying. Coming home with a letter from school, written by a teacher who claimed to be “concerned” about me. That I might be depressed, suffer from a burn-out, and that I withdrew myself into a unreal fantasy-world. The teachers blamed home, a simple conclusion as school wasn’t nearly challenging enough to give me a burn-out because I stared at the ceiling most of my time, bored out of my skull. So it had to be home.

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