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The writer and the book

I’ve never done it. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve done it once, because I had to. Because I had to keep track of what I was doing, what I was thinking, and what I had to remember. But I hated every second of it. Hated every single time I had to put a mark down on those pages.

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When research makes you lose faith in everything

I research a lot. For stories, for work, out of curiosity, out of sheer boredom. Believe me when I tell you that half the time you’ll find my nose either in a book or several websites while my brain is going haywire inside my skull.

However, lately the fun of research has shown that this coin has two sides… The topics I currently research for work have nothing in common with the exciting things I spent hours reading about the last couple of years. There are no tombs full of undiscovered treasure, hidden somewhere in the Amazon. There are no potential sight lines that, once discovered, might give a whole new purpose to Samnitic temples. And there are no psychological phenomenons involved that need explaining. The only thing I have seen in the last few days are documentaries on genocides, and that ain’t no picnic…

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When trying to find… the time

It’s NaNoWriMo! National November Writing Month! This means that this month I try to tackle 50.000 words in one month. It’s a bit of a stretch, a challenge even more so considering the writer’s block is still biting me at the ankles. As I’ve only recently found inspiration and the love for writing again everything is still very much behind. This blog, my website, a multi-linear story I wish to launch before the end of the year. And now, three other projects have presented themselves to be written this month.

Juggling this while also having a fulltime job and a trip planned might be a bit much, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to reach it. My goal right now is to write at least one sentence each day and try to have at least one post written as well. This is also to create a bit of a more substantial back up here. Because this racing against the clock is not for me…

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