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When trying to find… Focus

So I sent my manuscript to a publisher and it was rejected. Time to get some work done! On the manuscript, on the scenes that I think that can be a bit better, on… Oeh! A bird!

The problem when working on one project is focus. I have a hundred stories in my head, some half finished, some just a couple of sentences, some even less than that. They all want attention, they all want to be written, and they all tumble over each other which makes me lose focus. While I should be focusing on finishing my manuscript so I can send it out again, And then there is work, life, friends. In the end, I can barely force myself to finish this blog, which should be about the process that a writer has to go through when finishing a story. However, only around half pas 11, two days before planning to post it I can force myself to write it. Possibly because of the music currently playing.

Music is a great way to focus for me, but this must be the perfect playlist. A mix of classic rock, some soft metal in there, with the perfect amount of a suprising Sinatra-song. It can get me in the right mood and before I know it my fingers are moving on their own while typing the words that have been stuck in my head for weeks. But is this focus, or is it a short substitute? I’m afraid it might be the latter, because while this trick might work now it also has failed me many times. So what to do for the writer who has lost his/her focus and still has to finish on time? Is there a perfect way to regain the drive to work and to write? I don’t think so. It depends on the day, on the mood. What I can recommend is forgetting about chores. As soon as you get up from that chair to clean your room, you’re screwed. Once out of “the zone”, your ticket has expired for that day. And those tickets don’t come cheap…

When trying to find… Inspiration

It’s the first time I’m truly typing this: in 2017, I sent my first manuscript to a publisher. And it was rejected.

I’ll be honest, it hurt when they rejected my book, my work, all that effort. However, it also gave me a new boost, which I needed. To rewrite scenes, to work on it a bit more, to make it bigger and better. Full of new enthusiasm I grabbed pen and paper, put those together and…

Got nothing. Absolutely and utterly nothing. Annoyed and bored I stare at the ceiling. Writing is 90% inspiration, only the other 10% is actually moving your fingers and creating words on paper. But without inspiration I am nothing, and I know where that usually ends.
It does this time as well. My house is spotless, I am utterly annoyed, and I have not written one sentence. This day is hopeless and I wanted to actually get some work done. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even rewrite what I already have written, to get errors and bad sentences or scenes out of the way before I start adding stuff.

Does anyone have some tips for a writer who’s stuck?

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