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Stephen Fry’s retelling of Greek myths created a new Mythos

Give me a break okay? I studied Mediterranean Archaeology, so I have many books on the Greek myths on my bookshelves. I also just like to read them. I was a bit hesitant about Mythos though, mostly because I already have so many of these books and I know almost all myths out of the back of my mind. I might not be able to recite them word by word, but I can retell them without having to think for long. However, Mythos proved itself a worthy addition to this part of my collective memory.

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We can tell all the Lies we tell Ourselves but that doesn’t change reality

I’ve discussed YA-books about the LGBT before, but for some reason there is something about teenage drama in a (mental) place of conflict that just pulls the reader in. Lies we tell ourselves is no different, and yet it is.

History has this nasty habit of repeating itself, over and over again while it sometimes seems like no one learns. Or at least, not really. When I finished reading Lies we tell ourselves I smiled and yet I wanted to cry. It showed once again how little we as mankind have learned since the ‘60’s. There are still so many people who do not seem to want others to be happy, who seem perfectly happy to separate the world between “us” and “them”. And yet, the book also inspires you to be brave, and be proud.

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The Hate U Give can be turned to strength

Every moment in life has more sides to the story, but often we only see or hear just one. The Hate U Give shows all sides, and also that stories can be easily twisted around on purpose.

Some tales need to be told over and over again. Because people refuse to listen, people refuse to see, and mostly because people refuse to learn. The story of The Hate U Give isn’t new, it isn’t unique, but it is a tale that needs to be told and needs to be shown. It is the story that is easily pushed away and forgotten because it isn’t pretty and nice, and it doesn’t concern many people in the world. And yet it does because the powers at hand in this book are the actual powers in the world and the state of mind is integrated into modern day society. Sometimes things have to change now, not in the future, and The Hate U Give shows exactly why. Because if we don’t change we’ll stay stuck in a world where people think in an “us and them”.

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