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‘Time’? That’s that concept with a clock, right?

Time, we never have enough of it. Or so it seems. The concept with the clock, the clock that you build your day around. But what is ‘time’, and mostly: is it the same for all of us?

I read this really interesting book not too long ago, the title would translate to: Who (doesn’t) travel is crazy, where the author discussed the notion of time. About how Western societies see time as a solid thing, something you’re bound to live by, where other cultures see time as a fluid factor in the world. I had some first hand experience with this while I lived in South Africa. I quickly learned that if a South African said he/she was going to do something now, that did not necessarily mean that it was getting done now.

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When trying to find… motivation

So as I’m writing this blog, I have not worked on my book for almost another month, and it’s starting to hurt as well as that I feel guilty. I feel guilty for not putting in the work I promised myself I would put into it, and I feel guilty for the book because I love that damn thing and yet I neglect it so badly. However, I might have found a glimmer of new motivation recently.

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The Book of Tea is a long poem about a beverage

Tea, it is a common beverage that not all my like but all do know it. It has been poured for such a long time that mankind’s history seems intertwined with it. However, the significance of the drink goes even deeper than that, as is shown in The Book of Tea.

I’m unsure whether or not to call The Book of Tea a genuine book. When reading the text, it’s as if reading a 100-page long poem, or a monologue. Although there is a lot of information shared with the reader the combination of words and the rhythm of the sentences that Okakura uses almost require spoken instead of written words from time to time. This makes reading The Book of Tea an interesting, but also a bit of a tiring experience.

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