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Linda Leestemaker

Curious, studious, researcher.
The fact that you opened this tab means you want to know more about me, and you do not speak Dutch. Or you prefer English.

My name is Linda Leestemaker, graduated journalist since 2013 and fanatic writer and blogger. In four years of University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, I specialized in Culture, Magazine, South-Africa and Radio Reports. During my studies, I worked as a freelancer, studied at Rhodes University (South Africa) for six months, and interned at Dagblad Metro and Quest Magazine. I decided to do my final internship on a web-editorship so I could specialize in online articles, learn about HTML and learn how to build infographics.

After six years of studying, I now hold a bachelors-degree in Journalism and a university masters-degree in Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology combined with Museum Studies. During my time at University Leiden, I was involved in the remaking of the faculty-magazine In Situ Magazine. After working as a freelance extra’s coordinator for a while, I have now focused on copywriting, social media campaigns, and working as PR&Marketing manager at More Eyewear and Your Eyewear. Of course I will keep writing on this site, because Linda Reads, Writes, Makes and Does (things sometimes), so enjoy!

Leest&Maakt ‘t is the company of journalist Linda Leestemaker. If you are interested in working together, you can always contact me by leaving a reply on this site, or you can send an email.


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  1. i will keep focus on your articles

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