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Gezucht in HTML

Soms wil ik alleen maar heel diep zuchten als ik mijn werk doe.

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The weird concept of: horoscopes

“So, what is your zodiac sign?”

I’m not even sure what that “Oooh” meant, but I figured is wasn’t anything good.

Horoscopes have never been anything but a source of entertainment in my life, especially when younger and surrounded by friends who read them religiously. Believed every word they read. I’ve actually seen people write horoscopes, for student newspapers and such, trying to make them as ridiculous as possible. So when asked this question, I was more flabbergasted than anything else. How could I be judged on the stance of several stars and planets on the day I was born? How was I involved with anything the universe decided to coordinate in a way that is mathematically explainable and therefore can actually be calculated? Apparently, I was. According to the other person.

As I said: horoscopes have never played any role in my life. Raised an atheist and always focused on scientific explanations, I developed my own thoughts on the concepts of life, the universe, and what lies in the realms mankind cannot (maybe just yet) explain. Energy generated into a person by the stance of the sun, planets, and other stars was something my mind simply refused to process. However, when colleagues and friends start to look at you in a certain way because of that combination of heaven-bound globes one at some point at least wants to know WHY you’re being judged. And so I went online, and got confused even more. Ascedant, houses, planets, what made little sense to me to begin with now simply became more confusing than ever. And I was still being judged, possibly now of my lack of knowledge and believe as well. To me these were some of the weirdest concepts ever…

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