“Off all the people, I end up with HER!” Throwing the ball more angrily, she knocked over the cans again and again.
“Stop being so dramatic,” Erin stated, with a slight smirk on her face. It was hilarious to see the annoyance on Naia’s face. Normally Naia wouldn’t even second think about an assignment like that but she was just so incredibly annoyed to have been teamed up with Marisol Lister.
“I really don’t see what your problem with her is. Didn’t you guys used to be friends?”
Another hit, the cans fell to the ground rattling angrily. They weren’t really used to being knocked over so many times and their rattling suggested that they had been tempered with, to make sure they kept standing.
“Well… yeah… I mean we used to hang out,” Naia admitted, unhappy about it, while picking up one of the carnival-rifles. She shouldered the crooked thing as she aimed towards the target. “But she changed so much after the first couple of years. She’s all into this activist thing now, she barely had time to hang out with me and we just grew apart.” There had always been a part of her that was a tad sad about it. During the course of just one summer she lost a close friend to causes she couldn’t really understand. Erin rolled her eyes again.
“Don’t act like such a baby,” she said. “Just do the assignment, use that big brain of hers to score yourself a good grade and move on.” Naia couldn’t say that her friend didn’t have a fair point, Marisol did score the best grades in class after all. Her next exhalation of breath was therefore a sigh of acceptance as well as needed to steady the terrible fake gun. Another direct hit, another score. She was on a roll tonight, even despite her bad mood.
“And after you get that out of the way, use that aim for the team!”

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