Sitting on the shore, the sound of wind and waves as only companion, a sense of loneliness overcomes me. The docks are empty, the gate on the other side wie open but the road leading nowhere. Not even the ghosts dare to show themselves in the abandoned streets, tainted by the blistering sun and little shade.

This is a place of hardship, and of longing. Longing for the green trees on the other side of that mesmerizing blue water. It is all so close by, on good days you canalmost touch it, on bad days it is as if this little piece of rock has been abandoned by the world. Cast off as if it was carrying the plague, still.
The fortified walls of castle and houses will never be strong enough to fully contain its pristoners, not as long as it shimmers on the horizon. Not as long as that longing feeling remains inside the human heart.

As wave and time keep crashing against shore and building, the memory will persevere.


– Spinalonga, Crete.