Slumdog Millionaire, or Q&A, whatever the name is this book is about the ever changing course of life and how one’s entire life can be told as answers to 12 simple questions. 

Life is simple, except when it’s not. A good Bollywood story wouldn’t be half as good without some proper tragedy, and some good comedy, and yet Q&A (adapted to the big screen under the name Slumdog Millionaire) is more than just another Bollywood story.

Life is a funny thing, and so is chronology. Both are major aspects of Q&A, where chronology means nothing and yet it means everything just not in the way you usually read a chronological story. Because Q&A is a giant flashback on someones life, in the form of question asked and stories told. But that means that life gets jumbled and yet it doesn’t because you don’t have to second guess anything for even a second when reading Q&A, you know immediately when it takes place even though the main character rarely states his age. Life is strange that way, it seems.

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