I’ll admit: hot topics like the freedom of press are not usually things I look at for my website, which is weird considering I studied journalism and I do still hold the trade close to my heart. However as I was watching Spielberg’s The Post the other night I started thinking…

I did dive into the subject of freedom of press and national security once, for a paper that I had to write for a class, and it was this class that I was suddenly reminded of when watching the movie. I don’t think I’ve thought of that paper ever since I handed it in six years ago. The paper was based on a problem that arose in South Africa during the times of the apartheids-regime, however, in this modern day and time the question raised by the movie (which was spectacular, by the way) has been raised again:

As a journalist in a warzone, would you withhold information from publication to secure the safety of the army, or you do speak out and tell the audience the truth and the whole story? Which one is of more importance, public interest or national security?

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