Trix’ Travels was created with full cooperation of Trix the cat. She has been perfectly safe and lazy during the entire process that will now be posted every other Saturday. This week: the making off of this incredible journey.

“Could you look after Trix while we are on holiday?” That is how it started. Trix came to live with me for two weeks while my father and his girlfriend were on holiday, as all of her children were gone as well and I would be working all summer. I did not mind, it would be fun to have a furry creature in my house. The next weekend, Trix was brought over and goodbye’s were said to the cat. “Could you send a picture every now and then, to show she’s still alive?” “No, because Trix and I are running away together and we don’t want you to know where we will be,” I said jokingly but in my head it quickly evolved. I might nog be the best photoshopper there is, but I’m good enough to create funny pictures. It started with Trix in the London Eye (Trix is doing fine, not very impressed by the Big Ben though), and on a surfboard (Trix wanted to go to the beach as well) but after that I realized: why not make this into a regular column for this site?

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